Country: Canada
Drafted: 16th Overall, 1985
Team: Mavericks
Stats: 4.6 PPG 3.0 RPG 0.6 APG 0.3 BPG
Seasons Played: 13
With back-to-back picks in the 1985 draft, the Mavericks went with two slow, white, foreign centers in Bill Wennington (16) and Uwe Blab (17). Wennington never averaged more than 4.6 rebounds per game despite being seven feet tall. He would eventually wind up with the Bulls and win three championships riding the coattails of MJ, Scottie, and Phil. Who should have been drafted there? There was a guy from McNeese State that went 18th who was pretty good. Have you ever heard of Joe Dumars? How about Terry Porter, who went at 24? We could also make a case for A.C. Green, "Hot Rod" William,s and even Manute Bol. If the Dallas Mavericks can come back from moves like this to win a championship, there's hope for us all.