The 25 Biggest Foreign Busts in NBA Draft History

19. Zarko Cabarkapa

Country: Serbia
Drafted: 17th Overall, 2003
Team: Suns
Stats: 4.3 PPG 2.1 RPG 0.6 APG
Seasons Played: 3
After the success of Dirk Nowitzki, teams were salivating over Euro big men with range. Cabarkapa was just that, but he never turned into Dirk. He won a gold medal during the 2002 FIBA World Championship Games with Yugoslavia and was looking like he'd be a good fit in the NBA in the right system. The Suns took him over David West, Boris Diaw, Josh Howard and a couple other cats who've had productive careers. They loved his style of play and had no problem with the fact the he was essentially a 6'11" small forward. Zarko refused to play defense and had back problems, which led to him only playing for three seasons in the L. D'Antoni is an offensive genius!

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