Soulja Boy loves his St. James red Bentley Continental GT. Considering it was the first 2012 of its kind to hit the American streets, it's no surprise. He loves it so much that he made a song about it, rapping, "Paper, what the fuck you know bout my struggle? Red Bentley, that’s why that nigga hustle." His hustlin' clearly paid off, but his struggle took a turn for the worse this weekend when him and his baby were involved in an accident. The other lady involved said that it was Soulja Boy's fault, but he begs to differ. 

"She ran the light. Our light was green," Soulja Boy said in an interview with TMZ. "We was goin' straight, she turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car. It is what it is.

Apparently the lady also accused Soulja boy of having a hot vehicle. The "Crank That" rapper didn't take too kindly to this assumption. 

"And just like my girl said, she's racist for sayin' this is a stolen car, nigga," he said. "I paid for my Bentley $250,000 cash." 

We'll let the cops figure this one out. In the mean time, Soulja Boy is doing just fine in an Audi R8 until his Bent comes out of the shop even better than when it went in. 

[via TMZ]

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