The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown kicked off in true Hollywood style, with a display of dunks, trick shots and ankle-breakers that defied physics. Basically, if you didn't double-pump, go between the legs, or snare an alley-oop, you might as well have been taking a granny shot. Legendary backboard destroyer Daryl Dawkins was on hand to judge the amateur dunk competition, while the Sprite touring team put on a clinic in creative ways to throw down the rock.

The Slam Dunk Showdown is part of the Sprite Uncontainable Game series. Sprite is calling out to undiscovered ballers around the globe to submit footage of their best moves in order to earn a spot on Kobe Bryant’s Team Intense or LeBron James’ Team Sudden, and a trip to NBA All Star Weekend 2013. If you’re not a world-class player (or not yet), have no fear—the competition has a fan portion to see who can show the most love.

Between now and the end of the month, the Uncontainable Game tour will stop in Charlotte, NYC, DC, and Philadelphia. Check the video above to see the Sprite team in action in L.A., and for details on these future Showdown events go to