What’s been going through your mind during this entire draft process?

Robinson: It’s a good feeling to just be here and talk to all these great people.

Barnes: I’m excited. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point in my life that I can just sit back and relax for the next couple of days.

Tyler Zeller: There are only 60 people that get drafted and it’s a surreal feeling to be a part of that.

Thomas, given all that you’ve went through in the past with losing your mother and taking care of your sister, how does it feel to be moments away being an NBA player?

Robinson: It’s overwhelming. You don’t believe it at first, but after more and more stuff happens, you see that this is real life. 

What is your celebrity crush?

Davis: There’s a lot of them. Beyonce, Ashanti…Nicki Minaj.

Beal: I’d say Nicki Minaj.   

Who are some of the players that you’re looking forward to facing in the NBA?

Davis: All the superstars. They say that in order to be great, you gotta face the greats. Ultimately, I want to be great.  

Dion Waiters: LeBron.     

What is the first thing you want to buy or put money towards after signing your contract?

Beal: Probably, a car. I’m still debating which one. A house for my mom down the line. But I also want to be conservative with my money.

Barnes: Taking care of my family and just making sure that my mom and sister are squared away.

Zeller: Helping my parents out because they’ve done a great job raising me and bringing me up, so I’d like to just give back to them. 

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