At this point, it looks like Anthony Davis is destined to call New Orleans his new home next season. However, with the 2012 NBA Draft less than a month away, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a hard push at obtaining the rights to the #1 pick from the Hornets. How aggressive was their offer, you ask? Well, before giving you the details, we gotta admit that it would be difficult to turn down such an appealing deal.

According to ESPN's Chad Ford, the Hornets are so set on drafting Davis that they responded to an offer by the Cavaliers that included the team's #4, #24, #33 and #34 picks in the upcoming draft in exchange for the first overall selection with "a firm and quick 'No!'" We can admit that the 2012 National Player of the Year has the makings of a great NBA player, but could you really turn down two first-rounders and a pair of early second-round picks for one guy? After all, New Orleans could use more than just one player to turn that franchise around.   

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[via I Am a GM]