With the off-season in full swing for all but two teams, the focus for many of the players is what to do with all their newfound down time. Most are probably still resting up, others may be already prepping and some are going to star in a Chinese movie. Wait, what? 

The NBA has partnered with the Shanghai Film Group to create a basketball-themed movie that will star current players Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Yi Jianlian, as well as former great Scottie Pippen. "Amazing," as it is being called, "tells the story of a fictional world known as 'The Sixth Sense.' It uses basketball imagery to combine the visual elements of a video game with a movie, akin to the 2010 American science fiction film 'Tron: Legacy.'" Believe it or not, this idea sounds pretty interesting. As long as the final result isn't as strange as this, we're intrigued at how it will turn out.    

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[via I Am A GM]