Robert Griffin III hasn't taken a single snap for the Washington Redskins, but he's already finding out one of the downsides of being a professional athlete.

Recently, a former Baylor University basketball player named Richard Khamir Hurd allegedly attempted to extort money out of RGIII through his agent Ben Dogra of Creative Artists Agent. According to a newly-released FBI affidavit, Hurd contacted CAA earlier this month and told Dogra—identified as "B.D." by the FBI—that he had "derogatory information" about RGIII that he would release to the public if he did not receive a large sum of money. The agency then contacted the FBI and set up a sting, whereby they'd meet with Hurd on June 22 in Waco, TX, take whatever information he had, have him sign a nondisclosure agreement, and then give him a check. Hurd was then arrested shortly after the transaction took place and charged with extortion.

It kinda makes us wonder how often stuff like this takes place and we don't hear about it. Hopefully, this is the last time RGIII will have to deal with it.

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[via Washington Times]