If you haven't seen by now, we threw a lifetime's worth of shots at ESPN earlier this week. But, we've gotta give one of their employees a shout out for something he said on the ESPN radio show, Mike & Mike in the Morning, earlier today. While talking about the fact that Jets head coach Rex Ryan has lost 90 pounds since getting lap-band surgery a little more than a year ago, ESPN's Adam Schefter got a little overzealous and explained Ryan's massive weight loss by referencing one of the classic quotes that Rexy threw out when the Jets were featured on the HBO show Hard Knocks in 2010.

"He's lost 90 pounds," Schefter said. "90!…That's skipping a lot of goddamn snacks!"

Ha! Mike and Mike didn't sound thrilled to hear him say "goddamn" live on the air. But, even they'd have to admit: That was a pretty good one, Schefty. And, it's too bad if goddamn ESPN doesn't like it.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]