If you think the NBA is getting out of control with all the flagrant fouls and whatnot, take a look at what's going on in the Chinese Basketball Association. Already, we've seen the Goergetown Hoyas brawl with the CBA's Bayi Rockets. We've seen J.R. Smith's sister incite a brawl with CBA fans. We've seen Stephon Marbury allegedly punch a CBA fan in the face after he was attacked by a pack of CBA fans following a playoff game. And now, we've got a new video of an American basketball team called the New Orleans Hurricanes [Ed. note: Please tell us that's not really their team name.] brawling with Smith's old team, the Zhejiang Lions, during a recent game.

You guys do realize that you're professional basketball players and not professional wrestlers, right? Okay. Then, do us a favor and calm the $^%& down!

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[via Bob's Blitz]