Remember, guys, Playboy is a legitimate magazine, and they do other things than just take pictures of extremely attractive naked ladies. In the lifestyle magazine's upcoming May issue, one of the featured articles is a Top 25 list of the best cars of the postwar eraKen Gross and A.J. Baime came up with the list, and it is certain to be a topic of debate this month.

We found it interesting that no years were included, seeing as some years look and handle entirely different than others, despite being the same model. Some of the selections are spot-on, while others are questionable, but after making our list of the 50 Best Cars of the Complex Decade, we know how difficult this can be. What do you think of Playboy's choices? 

25. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

24. BMW 2002

23. Chevrolet Bel Air

22. Volkswagen Beetle

21. Mazda Miata

20. Pontiac GTO

19. Chrysler 300 (the original, not the current version)

18. Datsun / Nissan Z

17. Ferrari 458 Italia

16. Chevrolet Camaro

15. Ford Shelby Mustang

14. MG TC

13. Ferrari 275 GTB/4

12. Jaguar XK120

11. Lamborghini Countach

10. BMW 507

9. Lamborghini Muira

8. Aston Martin DB5

7. Chevrolet Corvette

6. McLaren F1

5. Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing

4. Jaguar E-Type

3. Shelby Cobra

2. Porsche 911

1. Ferrari GTO

[via Motor Authority]