We definitely did not see this coming. We knew NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was probably going to suspend a few players from the New Orleans Saints for their roles in the team's bounty program. But, we thought they'd get maybe—maybe!—anywhere from two to four-game suspensions for taking part in Bountygate. But, Goodell just put all NFL players on notice by handing out the following suspensions to several current and former Saints players:

Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove: Eight games

Defensive end Will Smith: Four games

Linebacker Scott Fujita (now with the Cleveland Browns): Three games

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma: The entire 2012 NFL season

That's right. Goodell handed Vilma a suspension for the entire 2012 season. Let us say that again: The entire season! And, these suspensions are, of course, in addition to the season-long suspension given to head coach Sean Payton, the "indefinite" suspension given to former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the eight-game suspension given to the team's GM Mickey Loomis, and the six-game suspension given to interim coach Joe Vitt.

Unbelievable. Think Goodell got his point across?

[via ESPN]

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