End of Discussion: Why the NHL Playoffs Are Better Than the NBA Playoffs

The Trophy

There is no more revered piece of sports tradition. Not the Masters’ green jacket, not the Lombardi Trophy, not the milk at the Indy 500, not whatever corporate-sponsored crystal goes to the NCAA football champion, and damn sure not the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The Stanley Cup has taken on a life of its own. It is, in fact, itself a celebrity. It tours the world as adoring fans seek to get a glimpse, a picture, or, the one thing no hockey player would dare attempt until he earned the right, a caress and a kiss of the sweetest prize on earth.

It’s a living, breathing archive of hockey greatness, with 60 seasons of winners’ names etched onto it as a glorious memorial to excellence. The NBA’s trophy is a gold ball that you can’t even drink beer out of.

Advantage: NHL

NHL: 1 | NBA: 0

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