The NHL has had its share of great ones—the Canadiens, Oilers, Islanders and the like—and as recently as the 2000s clubs like New Jersey, Colorado and Detroit were regulars in the Finals. But the NBA’s great teams have a way of grabbing the league by the neck and not letting go.

Bill Russell’s Celtics won 11 titles in 13 years, George Mikan’s Lakers captured five straight, Michael Jordan’s Bulls dominated, triumphing six times in eight years, the Showtime Lakers won five championships and nine conference crowns in Magic Johnson’s career and a host of back-to-back and even back-to-back-to-back winners have dominated the NBA. In an era of parity in other sports, the dynasty remains a distinct possibility in the NBA. Since 2000, the Lakers had a repeat and a threepeat, the Spurs won three more titles and clubs like the Pistons and Celtics won a championship on either side of a Finals appearance. In that same span, the NHL hasn't had a back-to-back champion, and only two clubs (the Devils and Red Wings) have won multiple titles.

If you like sustained dominance and the same clubs in it every year, the NBA might be for you.

Advantage: NBA

NHL: 2 | NBA: 2