The homies over at Zlog really came correct with this month's Future Tense event, beginning with a group ride, immediately followed by a trick demo/jam with ramps provided by Red Bull, head-to-head sprints, and a mini-crit with prizes ranging from some sick Flying Coffin swag, to a Contour Roam Hands-Free HD camera. In other words, this event had everything a fixed-gear rider might want to come out for, and they sure came out, with over 80 people in attendance.

Check out the screen-grabs above for an idea of just how dope the event turned out, and yes, that last thumb definitely is Tyler Johnson riding through fire. The dude is a lunatic for that one, pulling stunts throughout the video with mad ease. Tyler's riding is for sure the highlight of this edit, but the Future Tense event is definitely one you might want to check out if you ever find yourself in Seattle on a second Friday of the month.

[via Zlog]

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