As I learned from Google, cooking with your car isn't exactly the most revolutionary idea, I just hadn't really heard or thought about it. So, when I was snooping around YouTube today and found this video of an average chap using his engine to cook himself a meal, I found it pretty interesting. A man by the name of Barry Lewis has a fun little culinary blog, and he decided to whip up a simple recipe and use the excess heat from under his bonnet, as he would say, to cook the meal. 

With a pained and nervous expression on his face throughout the video, he threw some drained baked beans, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cubed steak, lamb, and chicken into a mixing bowl. He then splashed some olive oil, mixed in some herbs and ground out black pepper, tossing it all to complete the seasoning.

Wrapped in three layers of foil, he placed the package insecurely on what looks like the header cover, an extremely hot spot in the bay. He proceeded to cautiously drive around for more than an hour, stopping to ask a sheep for advice and grabbing a milkshake from McDonald's on the way. Back home, he cuts open the foil, and voilà, dinner is served. Well done, Barry. But like he said, don't try this at home. Grease fires are serious. 


[via YouTube]

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