A couple months ago, Lil Wayne stated that in one year's time, he would be the best skateboarder alive. Now, from the video we showed you, it was clear that he was going to need countless hours of practice before he came even close to competing at a high level. So, what do you do if you want to be the best? Learn from the best. 

Tunechi had the 5Boro crew over at his house in Miami, where he has built a personal ramp, for some skateboarding fun. In the video below, we see the product of what appears to be a bet taking place. If Willy Akers landed a drop in from the roof, he got to keep Weezy's "strip club loot." Akers pulls of the drop, and subsequently gets mauled by an ecstatic Wayne, who even claims that that he will have Akers' name on the ramp next time the crew rolls by. 

[via Vimeo]

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