Tim Tebow is about to get his Jim Thorpe on. The brilliant folks on the New York Jets coaching staff are going to use Tebow like it's the 1900's. They plan on using him as their Wildcat QB, as well as a halfback, fullback and on special teams. So, Rex Ryan was really about that life when he said Tim would be used for as many as 20 plays a game. Which is crazy because the Jets average 66 plays with Mark Sanchez under center. The Jets are supposedly going to "play to Mark's strengths" and not let him throw the ball. Rex is going back to the ground game and is taking the ball out of Mark's hands as much as possible. Or at least that's what it's looking like.

LG Matt Slauson said, "It’s like we’re going to be two separate teams, but as far as I know, Mark is still going to be our guy." Yeah, OK, if you say so. Looks like Tony Sparano is going to bring his legendary Wildcat offense, oh wait, the Dolphins sucked when he was there. Somewhere the Giants are laughing 'til they cry.

[via ESPN New York]

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