Sport: Basketball
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 8x All-Star, 2x All NBA Second Team, 3x All NBA Third Team
You wanna talk game changers? Tell your kids about Yao Ming. He stood 7-foot-6 and was voted to eight All-Star teams (seven consecutively) one even came during a season where only played in five games! Sounds like some old fable, right? But nope, next to MJ, Ming has spread NBA action to more people across the globe than anyone in the sport's history. Don't front like he was just another ridiculously tall sideshow in the NBA either (word to Shawn Bradley and Manute Bol). Yao averaged 19 PPG and 9 RPG throughout his eight seasons in the NBA, before his career was cut short by foot and ankle injuries in 2011, but his true impact will be measured in the revenue streams the L will reap from China for years to come.