Sport: Tennis
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 3x Grand Slam Winner, 2004 WTA POY
Miss Sharapova turned pro in 2001 but she didn't pop up on our radar until 2004 when she won Wimbledon and had us all wondering: Who is the long-legged dime in that short white skirt? Thankfully, she had just turned 18 a few months earlier so our thoughts weren't on that To Catch A Predator steez. But unlike one Russian tennis hottie from the past (yes you, Kournikova), Sharapova proved that her game on the court is on par with her looks. In 2010 she signed an 8-year $70 million deal with Nike, the largest contract for a woman in sports history. If only she weren't engaged to Sasha Vujabitch. Excuse us while we take another sip of Haterade.