Sport: Formula 1 Racing
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 2008 Formula One Champion, 17 wins, 44 Podiums
We know what you're thinking: "Lewis Hamilton? Where's Michael Schumacher? You know, the guy who won three consecutive F1 driver championships during the Complex Decade and is arguably the best race car driver of all time?" Chill. Breathe. Hear us out. There's never been a come up quite like Hamilton's. On his way to F1, Lewis won chips in, what were at the time, the three biggest development racing series (British Formula Renault, Formula Three Euroseries, and GP2). He was a downright phenom. When he finally suited up for McLaren in 2007 he broke numerous records including the one for being the youngest driver to lead the league in points. In 2008, at 23-years-old, he became the youngest and first black driver to ever win a championship. Oh, we didn't even mention the that he wifed up former Complex cover girl Nicole Scherzinger. We'll just mark that down as another win.