In the 31st minute of Livorno's match against Pescara, Piermario Morosini suddenly collapsed on the pitch. The medical staff rushed onto the field and tried using a defibrillator to revive the midfielder. He was eventually rushed into an ambulance where he suffered a heart attack and died before ever reaching the hospital. Sadly, Piermario was only 25 years old. 

In a discussion with Sky ItaliaPescara's general manager Danilo Iannascoli said that the ambulance could have gotten Morosini to the hospital sooner if it wasn't for a parked police car. "A car belonging to traffic police blocked the ambulance’s way into the stadium and a window had to be broken so the car could be moved. 'I don’t know if the ambulance was late, but I know that the entrance onto the pitch was blocked by a vehicle. Morosini collapsed, he tried to get back up but then collapsed again.'" The match was called off. Many of the players were too emotional shaken to even continue playing. All in all, this is an unfortunate conclusion to a career that ended far too early.  

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[via The Big Lead]

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