Ryan Leaf has had a bad week. First, he got arrested for sneaking into an associate's house to steal prescription painkillers. Then, he got arrested again for…well, for essentially doing the same exact thing, just at someone else's house with someone else's painkillers. And, now, he's sitting in jail in Montana. And it sounds like he's going to be forced to stay there for at least the next 30 days while the state of Montana and the state of Texas—where Leaf is currently on probation—decide what to do with him next.

Bottom line: You do not want to be Ryan Leaf right now. Unless, of course, you actually like things like jail, probation, and having millions of people wonder WTF you're doing with your life. Biggest bust in NFL history? Yeah, we just might have to give him that honor now. Even JaMarcus Russell isn't doing this bad!

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[via Eye On Football]

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