"You know who you look like?" We've all heard that phrase at one point or another. For the most part, the comparisons tend to be way off and we just simply laugh it off. However, after being repeatedly told that he looked like a celebrity, Vikings running back Caleb King wasn't in the laughing mood and took it out on the guy.  

King was attending the birthday party of a 21-year-old female friend in Oak Grove when he took offense to the victim teasing King “about his resemblance to a celebrity” about 3:15 a.m. King followed the victim to his car and punched him in the face, and when the victim got into the car and locked the passenger door to call 911, King opened the driver’s-side door and pulled the victim out, punching him several times and throwing him head-first to the ground.

Homeowners took the victim inside and refused to call 911, the report says, but the sheriff’s office tracked the victim’s cellphone location from the attempted call inside the car. The homeowner told a deputy outside of the home that there was no problem, the report says.

The victim was eventually hospitalized, needed up to 50 stitches and could have brain damage. Makes you really second-guess throwing out that phrase next time, huh?

[via The Big Lead]

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