Last night, New York City was buzzing with pre-draft parties, and Complex got in on the action by hitting up SPiN for AXE’s “Sport Blast” Combine House. Besides open bar, guests looked on as New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul battled with supermodel Kate Upton in a series of playful challenges like ping-pong. After the mini-competition, we got a chance to speak to JPP about the Giants Super Bowl win, who his celebrity crush is, and what he thinks of Tim Tebow mania in New York. Read on to get his thoughts…

Interview by Brad Keckler

After the Super Bowl, the video of you guys singing "I Got a Ring" on the plane ride home went viral.

[Sings.] I got a ring!

What was the atmosphere like on that trip back home after winning the Super Bowl?

It was a great atmosphere. We didn’t leave the first night, the first night stayed there. We did everything as a team. Our families were there, so we partied with our families. It was a great feeling. It sucks for the Patriots cause they left, and you know, they had a long trip home. That's the best thing though; when you got the feeling like you know you won the Super Bowl and you go home happy and the other teamit just sucks for them. That’s a bad taste in your mouth to start the season with, right?

Yeah, definitely. You just had a couple challenges with Kate Upton, obviously a very beautiful woman. Who is your celebrity crush?

[Laughs.] Who would I take out on a date? Let me see. I’d say probably Rihanna.

Good choice. What's changed the most since becoming a Super Bowl Champ?

What’s changed the most? Everybody loves me man; even though they’ve been loving me but [now] everybody loves you, you get mad respect everywhere you go, and no matter where you go you’re gonna always be a Super Bowl Champ, no matter what. And the ring speaks for itself, you got the best looking ring in the NFL.

That’s the best thing in the world man, and no matter what, nobody can ever take that away from you.  

Do you have any weird pre-game rituals to get you pumped up?

Nah, I just listen to music.

What's in your i-Pod?

Got some Rick Ross, most definitely got Rick Ross in it. Drake and Lil Wayne. Some underground music, Phil Collins, you know. Flo-Rida, too. A lot of stuff man, I could keep in naming names, but I play whatever comes to my head.

That other New York football team has been getting a lot of coverage lately. How do you feel that this Tim Tebow craze?

The Jets and Tebow, we play them in the preseason. We don’t usually play them in the regular season, [but] we did last year and we proved that we’re the best. So everybody knows we’re the best in this city. But Tebow’s a great guy man; Tebow and Sanchez are great guys. I wish the best for them and hopefully they have a great career this year and hopefully make it to the playoffs this year. But right now the Giants organization, we’re just worried about our self and what can make us better.