Warren Sapp's sources were wrong.

Last month, Sapp accused former New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey of being the guy who blew the whistle on the Saints bounty program. But, as it turns out, Shockey was not the one responsible for getting Saints head coach Sean Payton suspended for the entire 2012-13 NFL season as a result of "Bountygate." Instead, it sounds like that honor belongs to former Saints quality control coach Mike Cerullo (pictured here with Brad Pitt for whatever reason, who we're pretty sure was not involved with Bountygate at all). According to author/filmmaker Alan Donnes—who wrote a book about the team called Patron Saints back in 2007—Cerullo told the NFL about the bounty program after he was let go by the Saints in 2009. Donnes says Cerullo apparently became disgruntled and felt like Payton and Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams were holding him back from getting another gig, so he outed them to the league.

"Will I get shot through the phone if I say it?" Donnes said yesterday during an interview on America's Radio News Network. "Based on my sources, and I believe they're very good, it's former defensive quality control coach Mike Cerullo."

Curiously, the NFL had no comment when asked about the accusation. Which leads us to believe that…Ah, we won't speculate. All we'll say is that it makes sense—and that Warren Sapp just took another L.

[via Fan Nation]

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