Curren$y might be all about the jet life, but as listeners of his know, but he keeps grounded with his heavy whip game as well. It's almost surprising when one of his songs doesn't include a reference to Corvettes, Camaros, or Ferraris. He's even got an entire album called the Muscle Car Chronicles. In preparation for the release of his new The Stoned Immaculate album, due out in June, he stopped by Complex and spoke to us about his car infatuation and where he makes his purchases. Hint: it's not at a dealership. 

What’s the last car you bought?
The last car I bought was a Bentley. That’s crazy that I have to think about it like that. That’s tight, I’m happy about it. But I just got my El Camino out of the shop. I got the interior done, so I’m happy about that.

What’d you do to the interior?
It’s a basketball in there. It’s got a green carpet, and green stitching and it smells like Spalding. It has a big roof and a nice dashboard, too.

Do you have a favorite car?
I don’t have a favorite. I like each one of them for different reasons. So if I could like connect them all for Voltron, that would be my favorite car, all of them combined. 

Fused together like Voltron?
But I think the cockpit of it, like where I would be for the controls, would probably be the El Camino. That would be the part where I’m at. The arms and stuff would be made out of Ferraris and Bentleys. 

The legs have got to be something sturdy
Yeah that’s the Chevy’s, Impala’s, Caprices, stuff like that. We should get it drawn.

That would be dope. I heard you’ve bought some cars on eBay?
All of them, except for the Caprice and the Impala. My manger bought me the Impala, the Caprice was bought from my homeboy at the barbershop when my leg was broken. He called me and was like, “Yo this one dude is selling a Caprice in the parking lot for $4,000. I’m just gonna take some pictures and send them to you.” He took a bunch of shitty pictures, his hands was all in the way but I was like, “Fuck it dog, that’s the one." 'Cause I knew I was gonna take it all apart. It's all stripped down right now anyway.  I’m gonna have it rebuilt as a low-rider.

Do you do that to every car?
You have to if you buy an older car. I didn’t tear the Ferrari or the Bentley [Laughs]. Every time you buy a Chevy, you got to. You don’t know what people did, you got to check that out.

So you bought a Ferrari on eBay?

Who sells a Ferrari on eBay?
Fucking people who have them. Me if I don’t want it anymore.

Have you sold cars on eBay?
No, but I would, eBay is fucking tight. You see everything, like every picture of it. You just call the guy and say, “Yo, what’s up?” And you don’t have to deal with the lot. The lot's gonna add an additional something just because its there. You do better to do it just like that. And you can’t walk around and see who’s selling a Ferrari just from looking outside. But they go to eBay with them.

Will you go just based on the strength of the pictures? To go visit the car?
Oh, yeah, you got to send somebody, or they’ll bring it to you. I’ve sent somebody for every one of them. Just send your homie like, “Yo, man, just make sure I’m not tripping, and if it’s cool, drive it back.” I got all of them from the same place too. I get them from Houston. What’s crazy is there’s always been a different person selling it, but it's always right up the block. My homie will just fly and be like, “It checks out, it doesn’t stink. I’ll drive it back.” And I got it.

Houston makes sense. The car culture is so important there. 
Yeah the El Camino came from Houston man. The El Camino is fucking tight. 

That’s the head.
That’s it, that’s it right now. El Camino is the shit.