We love the G-Wagen. It's  the big, badass SUV for people who have too much taste to buy a Hummer or Escalade. 

Externally, only the lighting has changed on the base model, while the AMG version has a new bumper. Essentially, it looks just like it has for the last 33 years; perfect. The interior, on the other hand, is much improved. The whole thing finally looks like a new car, rather than an immaculately kept used car. The row of differential locking switches still dominated the center console though, so it's clear that the G-Wagen hasn't lost its way. Mercedes even took a close up (above) of the switches just to make sure we noticed.

The Standard G's engine hasn't changed from the 382hp V8 seen in the previous generation, but the AMG version is getting the new 5.5L 544hp twin-turbo V8. That's enough power to send this car – that probably has about the same drag coefficient as your refrigerator – to 60 mph from a stop in 5.3 seconds.

Rappers, butch soccer moms, and wealthy shotgun toting men in parkas will be able to bring these home starting in August.

[via Mercedes]