No, folks. This is not deja vu. About a month ago, we reported on how Derrick Rose was "sick and tired." But, back then, he was sick and tired of all the trade talk involving Dwight Howard possibly getting traded to the Bulls. This time, he's sick and tired of something else—namely, his fellow players taking what he perceives to be cheap shots at him.

"I'm sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me," he said after last night's Bulls/Pistons game. "You got to say something."

Rose was mad at the fact that Charlie Villaneuva fouled him—and fouled him hard—at the end of the game on a play that earned the Pistons forward a flagrant foul (see the play above). It left Rose with a bloody cut on the bridge of his nose—and it also left him so upset that the normally mild-mannered point guard said something to Villanueva before being attended to by the Bulls trainer.

"You got to," he said. "He didn't even aim for the ball. At least go for the ball. I felt like he didn't and that's the reason why I got mad a little bit."

You know what the NBA doesn't want right now? Derrick Rose playing angry. And, his shot at the end of the game last night to tie it and send it to OT—where the Bulls eventually won—only proves it. Don't say we didn't warn you.

[via ESPN Chicago]

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