"Raise your hand if you'd rather be cheering in THIS stadium than a baseball stadium today." That was the caption for a photo of M&T Bank Stadium posted on the Baltimore Ravens' Facebook page just an hour before the first pitch was tossed on Opening Day for the Orioles. In what seemed like a clear knock against Camden Yards and the O's fanbase, the Ravens took down the image and accompanying question while releasing a statement declaring: ”We made a mistake and we have apologized to the Orioles. In no way did we mean to disrespect the Orioles.”  

Eventually, the Ravens tried to right their wrong by putting up an image of the Oriole bird in a purple uniform and wishing the O’s a Happy Opening Day. But that may be just a little too late. A crosstown rivalry between two teams that share the same city is expected, but for a football organization to flat out diss a baseball squad from the same town is unacceptable. The Orioles have yet to return fire and probably will not, but if they ever decide to, just hit 'em with this video.   

[via Baltimore Sports Report]

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