It must be incredibly painful to sit and watch the Nets every night. So you'll have to excuse Nets announcer Ian Eagle for losing his cool—or, at least, sounding like he'd lost his cool—while calling the Nets game against the Celtics on Saturday night. Shortly after his broadcasting partner Mike Fratello gave an explanation concerning "slip screens" to all 16 people out there watching the Nets game at home on Saturday night, Eagle took it upon himself to point out that he felt the Czar's explanation had been a bunch of, as he put it, "gobbledygook."

"Can I make one point?" Eagle said after a foul on the court towards the end of the game. "I just want to say that, earlier, you had a very patronizing tone toward me. I fully understand what a slip screen is; I've been doing the NBA for 18 years. But the way you presented it initially was gobbledygook. So, like the audience, I wanted you to come back and explain yourself. And you, then, just took a firing line on me, and it was uncalled for."

The Czar explained that he didn't think he was patronizing at all and asked Eagle if he was in a bad mood. Eagle explained that he was working his second Nets game in two nights. And, after a few tense moments, they shared a laugh.

So, was there really beef between them during the game—or was this just a result of two guys realizing that they'd just wasted the last three hours of their lives watching the Nets lose yet again? Either way, it gives us at least one reason to tune into the Nets/Heat game tonight.

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