When Torii Hunter plopped down on his couch yesterday afternoon at his Newport Beach, Calif. home to watch some TV, he had no idea what he was in for.

Just a few minutes earlier, the Los Angeles Angels outfielder had accidentally triggered his home's alarm system when he entered it. But, when his security company called his wife's cell phone to report the breach, she didn't answer. So, they sent two police officers to the Hunter residence—with guns drawn—to check it out. And Hunter saw them walking through his backyard from the couch.

"I saw the cops and turned around and they had their guns out," he said afterwards, "saying, 'Show me your hands!' I'm like, 'All right, I'm cool.' I had a pistol upstairs. I'm a licensed gun owner. I'm glad I didn't get it, because I could have been shot. What would have happened if I went out there?"

Luckily, Hunter didn't make a move. And, after answering a few questions and providing ID—which, by the way, he had to fetch while police followed him with their guns still drawn—the cops left without incident. Disaster averted.

[via ESPN]

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