Reports have surfaced about the Orlando Magic's wild night in the city that never sleeps the evening before they got embarrassed by the New York Knicks on Wednesday, 108-86 (at one point trailing by 39). Witnesses allegedly spotted, Glen Davis and Jason Richardson partying until the sun came up. They began the creep life at Philippe New York. Then they met up with Dwight HowardChris Duhon and Quentin Richardson at Greenhouse during R&B singer Dawn Richard’s EP (*stuggle face*) release party. The Magic were seen popping bottles until the club closed.

No wonder they looked so sluggish on Wednesday night at the Garden. New York fans are some of the smartest in the world. They knew exactly what they were doing getting those guys nice and sauced the night before a big game. Hats off to the waiters and bartenders that assisted in the win. You willed your team to victory.

Hopefully some photos make their way to the net, so we could add on to this lovely list.

[via NY Post]

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