Kobe Bryant is no longer the "Masked Mamba." For the first time since he broke his nose during the 2012 All-Star Game, KB24 wasn't forced to wear a protective mask during the Lakers loss to the Rockets last night. So, what does he plan on doing with the mask now that he's through with it? Well, it sounds like he might be willing to auction it off and donate whatever proceeds it brings in to charity. Prior to last night's contest, he spoke with reporters and told them that he'd glady auction it off and part ways with it—provided he could find anyone "dumb enough to buy that sweaty thing."

Kobe also said that he doesn't anticipate having to wear it again anytime soon. So it might be going up for auction sooner than later. "[My nose] is still a little tender," he said, "but it will probably be like that for the remainder of the season. But in terms of, do I think I can take a hit on it and be OK? I think so."

So, no more mask. Now, which one of you Kobe stans wants it?

[via Los Angeles Daily News]

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