A dialysis clinic can be a really boring place for patients. As the son of a dialysis nurse (hi, Mom!), I can attest to it. Patients sit next to their dialysis machines for hours at a time, two or three days a week, and read, watch TV, or simply stare out into space in order to try to pass the time. So, anything—literally, anything—that can make their time at a dialysis clinic a little more exciting is usually welcomed. But, I get the feeling that this next story was not what patients at one dialysis clinic were looking for.

Earlier this week, two men got into a fight at a dialysis clinic in Georgetown, Ky. over a heated college basketball rivalry. Police had to be called to the clinic after Kentucky fan Ed Wilson and Louisville fan Charles Taylor started swinging at one another during a discussion about the upcoming Final Four matchup between the two teams. And it seems Louisville got the better of Kentucky in this contest.

"I didn't talk to him about the ball game," Taylor said. "I was talking to another guy about the game. He was meddling and told me to shut up and gave me the finger. I wasn't gonna take no more from him. I went up to him and I hit him. Didn't hit him that hard, but I hit him."

For the record, Wilson won't be filing charges. But he also said that he never stood a chance in the fight. "I'm sitting there hooked up to a machine," he said, "and I can't do anything."

C'mon, fellas. Fighting over college basketball teams? In the middle of a dialysis clinic? We'd hate to see what you two do to each other after the game this weekend. SMH. It's just a game, guys!

[via FOX Sports]

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