She brought up that you have flip-flopped about why she got into the fight.

I think the selling point and the marketability of her interested Strikeforce, and the fact that she was talking so much shit and getting people interested made her more likely to get it, too. People like drama for some reason. That’s why the WWE is so popular. It’s just a big drama fest. To me, this sport means a lot more than that. I’m not just a fan. I actually put in the time and work and have so much respect for any person who gets in the cage. It’s kind of disheartening at times to see that somebody can literally talk their way into a title fight.

I understand that there’s an entertainment aspect, but she’s not the No. 1 contender. I hate that she can say what she wants, and people believe it. She’s just creating more hype. I feel you should be the No. 1 contender because you proved it. She hasn’t yet. She’s done great things, but if you do your research, the people she’s been fighting are not even close to No. 1 contenders. If that’s the case, then Joe Schmoe can come off the streets and run his mouth all day long and get in a fight. Even if you had the skill set to beat the champion, you should still have to go about it the correct way. You have to work your way up. She didn’t do that process, so that’s irritating to me.

Rousey said that she’d like to be the new front woman for MMA. How does that make you feel?

I don’t want that. I don’t feel that what she stands for is right, and she doesn’t understand the big picture. She’s not as good of a representation for women’s MMA as I am, because I believe you should earn your way. If I were 4-0 and I would have run my mouth to get into this fight, I think I would have lost, because I wouldn’t have been prepared. Nothing I’ve done to this point has been a fluke, so I’m ready. She’s just rude, and I don’t want that to be the face of women’s MMA. It doesn’t do us justice. She’s also self-centered. She doesn’t care about the future of the sport, she’s about Ronda. To her this is secondary. Competing in the Olympics for her is the highlight. Even if she wins this world title, she said it doesn’t compare to her medal. This means everything to me, because there is no secondary. It’s my passion, my heart, and my career. I think I deserve it more than she does.

She actually told me that winning a medal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that MMA is her passion now.

She said she’s more passionate, and I do see that. She said she was training all the time for one day in the Olympics. But somebody asked if she won the title belt would it compare to the medal. And she said not really, because you train for so long for one day, and being in the Olympics is such a high level that even winning a world title probably wouldn’t compare for her. With that in mind, it doesn’t mean as much to her as it does to me. I don’t have anything else to compare it to. I feel I want it more than she does.


I don’t feel that what she stands for is right, and she doesn’t understand the big picture. She’s not as good of a representation for women’s MMA as I am, because I believe you should earn your way.


She feels that you discounted her medal and in the process disrespected your country.

That’s just silly, because I never did. The media has a great way of twisting things that you say. I always gave her credit, because any Olympic-level athlete deserves credit. Granted I don’t like her, but she did accomplish something great. I was just surprised to learn that they give out two bronze medals. I thought when she said bronze, that meant third. When I found out she took fourth, I just said it. If she wants to take offense to the truth, then I’m sorry. That’s all I said, nothing disrespectful or saying that it wasn’t great. But fourth is not third.

So you don’t feel that the bronzes are equal?

No, because she lost that match. She took fourth because she lost. I felt like she was implying that she took third.

You’ve said you think Ronda’s going to tire out quickly. Why do you feel that way?

Cage time in invaluable. You can’t recreate it. I don’t care how much you spar, how much you grapple, how much you do judo, when you’re in the cage and the lights are on you in a high pressure moment with the cameras in your face, it’s different. Fighting on this level is a big jump for her. She’s used to being a sprinter, finishing quickly, but I don’t feel that she can be as confident in the second or third round. When she’s not able to do to me what she’s done to everybody else after those first few minutes, it will change. It will raise some doubt in her mind. The longer the fight goes, the worse off she’ll be.

Ending on a much lighter note, what’s up with your obsession with cupcakes?

I love them! I want to have a bakery of my own someday. That’s a goal of mine. I consider myself a bit of a cupcake connoisseur. I always like to go around and try cupcakes wherever I travel, and I just love them. They are one of my favorite things to eat post-training or post-fight.

When did that start?

I’ve always been into cake since I was a little girl. I used to bake a lot with my mom and decorate cakes. It’s just one of my biggest hobbies. They really became popular these last couple years, so there’s been a lot more access to them.

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