Lofty expectations. They absolutely killed the Philadelphia Eagles last season. After Vince Young inadvertently dubbed the Eagles the NFL's "Dream Team" last season, everyone expected them to come out and, at the very least, make a serious run to the Super Bowl. Instead, they didn't even make the playoffs, almost got their coach fired, and disappointed the entire City of Brotherly Love (not that there's anything particularly new about Philly sports teams doing that). So, why in the world are they raising expectations again for next season?

During an interview with USA Today yesterday, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson talked about his new $51 million contract, said he was happy to be back in Philly, and then dropped a bombshell by revealing that he was ready to guarantee that the Eagles will win the Super Bowl next season.

"I'm going to guarantee a Super Bowl," he said. "We've been so close since I've been here the past four years...Hands down, I think we're one of the best teams in the NFL. I want to shoot for the Hall of Fame. I want to shoot for Super Bowls."

When are these guys gonna learn? It's cool for the Super Bowl to a goal. But, a guarantee? FOH. Get ready for more lofty expectations in Philly next season.

[via The Huddle]

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