Budnitz Bicycles' design philosophy is "Nothing Added," a fact that is evident in the line of bikes' simplicity. Having introduced the first two bikes of the line, the simply titled No. 1, and No. 2 just eight months ago founder Paul Budnitz, of Kid Robot fame, now introduces the third bike in the line, the No. 3. What Budnitz describes as "the ultimate urban bicycle," the No. 3 features a 29-inch wheel base and a Gates carbon belt drivetrain on stainless steel cantilever frame engineered to absorb shock and improve handling, for a perfectly smooth ride, and at a lower price tag than it's predecessors. Keep an eye out for the soon-to-come, more minimal No. 4, inspired by an oversized BMX bike. 

Find the No. 3 now at Budnitz Bicycles starting at $2,800.

[via Cool Hunting]

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