This is so obnoxious, it has to be staged. A random sampling of the inanity in the clip above:

"We're so bad at the Super Bowl and I don't even know why because we're so good at every other game."

"The stupid honking outside, because I live in stupid fricking New York."

And this gem:

"And everyone in here likes the Giants, so I have no one even to be upset with...and then just like why? And then I have to call my friends and they're just like, 'Yeah, I mean, you know,' like, yeah, I know I saw what happened and everyone was just playing so stupid and they gave us a chance to win all the time and Tom Brady was just so stupid."

So here's the question: Is this staged, and therefore a conscious plea for the world to be brought to a merciful end (and soon), or is it genuine, a sign for those in the know to pack their bags and get the fuck outta Dodge, like, yesterday?

[via @LowKeyUHTN]

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