With the overused label "Lob City" firmly planted in Los Angeles by Blake Griffin's parade of arena-erupting slams, a lot of comparisons have emerged about the Clippers' forward. He is the NBA's new dunk king, and some have even gone so far as to say that he is better than people like legendary Supersonic Shawn Kemp. Sonics Gate sat down with Kemp and asked him how he felt about it all. 

"Some of those dunks that they're doin' is not dunks, those are what you call slap-ins," Kemp said. "A dunk is when you aggressively dunk the basketball and the rim bends, so I guess the difference would be that those are alley-oops, what I was doin' are tomahawks. That's the difference." 

He goes on to say that Griffin's game, although very impressive, is sort of limited in that he uses mostly running starts. Kemp points out that his dunks came from all over, including under the basket, where he went straight up and through his defenders. Other than the fact that he uses the word he's trying to define in his definition, we have to agree. It's hard to find somebody as strong and powerful as Shawn Kemp. 

[via Sonics Gate]

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