With Super Bowl XLVI's kickoff less than 24 hours away, gamblers everywhere are scrambling to place their final bets on the big game. Currently, the Patriots are three point favorites, but fans can bet on everything from the color of Gatorade that'll be dumped on the winning coach to the number of times Gisele Bundchen will appear on the screen.

This is the time of the year where just about everyone looks to flip a buck on a quick bet and high-rolling celebs are no exception. The latest example being 50 Cent's $1 million challenge to Birdman on the Giants beating the Patriots. Birdman had previously said he'd put down $5 million on the Patriots and that he was looking for takers. But Baby and Fif's possible seven-figure wager is just the latest in the recent trend of celebs publicly betting money on everything from $1,000 on a game of one-on-one with Kobe Bryant to $1.25 million on a few rounds of golf. So, before you place your wagers on tomorrow's big game, check out A Recent History of the Most Ridiculous Celeb Sports Bets.

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