It's a beautiful late June day in New York City. After getting bumped offline for 36 when its servers literally melted the night of Game 7 of the Finals (#linwillalwaysbebetterthanrussell was the hashtag that did it), Twitter is back in action. "Broadway" Jeremy Lin shows up for the Knicks' victory parade wearing a mink coat, his new signature Nike shoes, his game shorts—and nothing else. He looks a little bleary and worse for wear and tear, but it's understandable: the G-Unit spontaneously reunited during Paul McCartney's set at 'Melo and LaLa's party in the Hamptons the night before, and things got a little out of hand. All things considered though, it's a pretty damn good day for the Most Famous Athlete on the Planet...

Bwahahahahahahahaha! It could never happen, right? (And just for the record, there are only two Knicks fans on the staff that write the Power Rankings.) RIGHT?!? So yeah, this strange NBA season got infinitely stranger last week, when a mild-mannered Taiwanese-American dude from frickin' Harvard had one of the two or three most spectacular debuts in league history. Of course some other stuff happened too, but yes Linsanity is for real—for now at least. Don't worry, the Knicks didn't jump that much, the Thunder, Bulls, and Heat are still the class of the League, and the Bobcats are this close to being relegated to the ACC. All that and more in this week's Complex NBA Power Rankings.

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