What was the last thing you googled?
I couldn’t figure out this app I just got called SpyCalc.

What’s that?
It’s like a calculator, but you can hide stuff in the calculator. I was trying to delete pictures out of my SpyCalc, because I had doubles.

Got some secret stuff, huh?
You know, you have people going through your phone that you don’t want to be checking out your business. [Laughs.]

What is your favorite fast food meal?
I wish I’ve even had fast food. If I had it, it’d probably be a double-double at In-N-Out. If I want to eat quick, I’m a huuuuge waffle house fan. If it’s not a drive through, I have always liked Waffle House. I would eat there all the time going snowboarding with my dad. When I’m home, that’s the first place I go. It’s crazy how cheap it is. I’d rather go there than Morton’s. I just love it. It’s so funny because they always make you feel so welcome. You have the ladies like, “Hey, honey, how are you doing?" Scattered, smothered, covered, whatever it is, that’s what I want.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
Can I name like five? It’s too hard just to name one. First one is Mila Kunis, because who isn’t in love with Mila Kunis? Victoria Justice, because she’s a babe. Willa Holland. She’s the girl that was in The OC, I think. It was Marissa Cooper or whoever the main character was, her sister. I don’t watch a lot of TV but if I see you on something, I’d look her up and see what her deal is. If you’re pretty, I’ll probably have a crush on you. I have a lot of crushes.

Where is the best place to snowboard?
I love riding at home in Utah because I live here and they have great snow. You can go to the worst mountain, but if it’s with good friends and has good snow and good weather, it can be anywhere. It can just be anywhere, as long as you have the combo.

What is your dream car?
I’ve gone through a few different ones. I guess it’d be a Bentley, because if you’re driving a Bentley, you’re doing big things.

What’s your favorite car that you have or have had?
I have a Toyota Tundra that I’m obsessed with, as far as trucks go. I just got it last year and that thing is sick. it drives smooth, it’s fast, and it sounds good. And what’s cool about it is that their mid-cab still has four doors, which for me is awesome. In the winter it’s so annoying to let somebody in and out. It’s in between the two door and the full-size cab. I live in the mountains, so the truck is perfect. You can throw all your gear in the back and you’re ready to go.

What was the most awkward moment when you were doing the ESPN body issue?
I think getting naked in front of people was the most awkward spot. You’re standing there taking test shots with clothes, and they were like, “Okay, we’re ready.” I had just signed a new publicist and I just met her five minutes before. I told her, “I guess I'm a slut,” because she saw me naked within five minutes of meeting me. It was just the initial shock of that at first. It wasn’t awkward at all after the fact.
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