With all the medals and accomplishments you’ve achieved, a lot of people call you the best in the world. What is the one thing you still want to be able to do or are working towards?

That date with Minka Kelly that we were talking about. [Laughs.] As I said, I just want to leave as big of an impact as I can. I really will focus on filming after the Olympics. People can watch that forever. I’ve been trying to put something together for a two-year film project, but with all the contests and everybody else so focused on the Olympics, it’s not the project I was really looking forward to.

I really want to drive cars, too. Driving rally is super fun. I feel like it’s something I can really transcend into race car driving; quick reactions, being on the edge. I think it’d be a cool resume to be a pro skier and then a pro driver. I think chicks would dig it.

How did you first get involved with racing?

Red Bull hooked up this Jetta Cup over at the Virginia International Raceway. I was fully addicted. They sent me to a rally school in New Hampshire. One of my really good friends is one of the best two-wheel drive rally drivers right now. It’s something I’m so psyched about. It’s crazy what you can do with just a brake and gas pedal.

Who is your friend?

His name is Chris Deplessis. He’s from Maine. He’s just dirty. He’s so good. The tough thing about motor sports is the financial backing. He’s been killing it but has a hard time getting the funds.

Did he teach you to drive?

I got to sit in a car with him and I was hooked as soon as I got in there. I think because everything happens quickly in skiing. You make one wrong edge turn, and you’re done. It’s just quick reactions. Everything is smooth and you have to make sure you’re on point with everything. I’m not scared to put down the throttle. If I dump it into the trees, I have an entire car around me rather than just my body like in skiing.

You've been named to the U.S. halfpipe team for when it is added in 2014. First, how does that compare to everything else that you’ve won in your life. Second, what kind of path do they have the team set on with the competition still two years away?

They set me up with trainers, and we have camps. We won’t see a huge difference until next year. It’s a little bit more structure. The thing with me is that I don’t really utilize the coach. I always have friends that I ski with. It's such a new sport, so every trick we do has never been done before.

What’s it like to represent your entire country, rather than yourself or your sponsors?

I don’t know yet. I’ve always been somebody that’s skied by myself. I have never had teammates. I have had no other distractions. Everything has changed a little bit, and we have a coach, so I think it’s going to push me a little bit more.

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