What were your thoughts on the lockout?

I understood that it was a business thing. So, with those types of situations, there’s always three sides to the story: There’s the side of the players, the owners, then the reality of the whole thing. But for me, I would have to be with the players because I don’t really know the owners like that. I know that most of those owners have billions of dollars so everything should be negotiable. The people who suffered the most off that lockout are the people who worked in the arenas at the concessions stands and what not because they really needed that money more than either one of the parties.

Were you shocked to see the Chris Paul-Lakers trade vetoed?

I think that thing right there will eventually be made into a movie, some type of ESPN 30 for 30, or something of that nature. Me and Styles P was having a big debate in the studio the other day about who are the superstars of the NBA. Who’s B-List, A-List, etc. The names that was coming from guys was crazy but then CP3 came up and Styles like, “CP3 is a star but he ain’t no superstar.” I had to shut the studio down right then and there. I said, “Have you ever seen David Stern veto a trade?!” Then everyone was like “Oh, you right. He definitely is a superstar.”

Did you feel one way or the other about the move?

That was just a way of showing that politics still rule. The powers that be can basically still do whatever they want to do. I’ve been watching sports since I was a baby and I’ve never read or heard of anything remotely similar to that. I didn’t understand it at all.

If you were coaching the U.S. Men’s basketball team, who would be on your starting five?

You have to go Kobe and LeBron, that’s the two and the three. I’d squeeze Melo in there, too. He and Bron could be the three or the four. Next would be Dwight Howard and then D-Rose. Nah, actually, I’d put Chris Paul in there. Yeah, they wouldn’t lose a game, a scrimmage, nothing at the Olympics.

Your "The Champ Is Here" mixtape series has a boxing theme. What are you thoughts on the Fight of the Century that has yet to happen?

Believe it or not, I have a lot to do with this Pacquiao vs. Floyd fight whenever they sign off because that’s when me and Green Lantern are actually going to start preparing “The Champ Is Here 4.” So, we got to get Vegas, the promoters, and all those people on the same page so that we can get this music out. I put the last one out after the last Floyd fight, so I’m just trying to keep it a tradition.

Yes, yet another reason why this has to go down. If and when it finally does happen, who has the advantage?

I think Floyd is pound-for-pound the greatest fighter.


I think Floyd will win. I think Floyd is pound-for-pound the greatest fighter. Sometimes the stuff he says makes people mad and they may not like him for that but in that ring, he’s incredible. He’s undeniable. It’s just that some people don’t like him ‘cause he’s cocky with it. When you overlook all that and focus on what he’s done for boxing, no one else is doing it like him. Let me just say that Pacquiao is definitely a great fighter but he lost already and Floyd’s undefeated. That’s something Pacquiao has against him.


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