Back to the pros. We heard your favorite NBA moment was Reggie Miller dunking on the Nets in the playoffs?

Yeah, what made that moment so incredible was a play or two prior to that Reggie had hit a three from the top of the key. So, whoever the coach was at the time, set the same play up but Reggie did a head fake from the top of the key then came down the middle and dunked it with two hands. You're used to seeing Reggie shoot all of those threes but that’s why he caught them off guard. I said, “Yo, I got to get the Reggie Miller joint!” The stores weren't open at the time, but first thing in the morning I went and got the Reggie Miller Pacers jersey and rocked it all day. I was saying, “I’m Reggie right now! You saw what he did last night!”

That’s interesting because you’re a Knicks fan yet one of your favorite moments comes from arguably the biggest villain in Knicks history.

I’m a Knicks fan but if somebody is cracking the Knicks’ ass, I gotta give it up.


Yeah, I’m a basketball fan in general. A lot of sports fans they get their heart into it. I’m a Knicks fan but if somebody is cracking the Knicks’ ass, I gotta give it up. You got to give credit where credit is due. You can’t be a sore loser or a sore fan.

You also mentioned that your favorite player is Magic Johnson. We did a piece on athletes who’ve made more money after retiring and he was near the top. That isn’t usually the case for many athletes and rappers.

Definitely. I was actually able to run into Magic a few times. I met him at one of the Floyd [Mayweather] fights a few years back. I was introduced to Magic and kicking it with him. After we were formally introduced, one of the first things I said to him was “Yo, Magic. If I was to bring you some bread, like a few million, could you help me do the right thing with it?” And he was like, “Definitely Kiss. I’m surprised you even asked me that but I would definitely be willing to help you.” He was surprised that I was even on that tip at such a big fight with celebrities everywhere, that question kind of shocked him. But yeah, Magic is one of my favorite players of all time.

Why do you think it’s so common that athletes and rappers end up broke after retiring?

It’s usually the people around you and the bad decisions you make. Nothing is promised for long or forever, so you have to put something away for rainy days. Especially when you got kids. Especially when you’re taking care of family. You can’t jump out the window and get caught up in the hype with all that glitz and what not. It’s good to live good but it’s also good to know that those who come after you will be able to live good by you doing the right thing.

Why do so many rappers want to be ballers and visa versa?

I really still can’t figure out the connection on that because the financial status between an NBA player and a rapper is nothing alike. But there’s a common culture shared in both careers. So, it seems like all the ballers want to rap and the rappers want to ball. I guess that creates the relationship but it’s all just really a dream. Once you reach the zenith in your career then you start exploring. You’ve seen that with album releases by players like Shaq, A.I., or whoever.

My dream was to go to Syracuse. I wanted to be a part of the Orangemen. I actually thought I was going there up until around 10th grade when I knew that wasn’t really going to happen, so I started pursuing rap.

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