Shifting from hoops, I saw your tweet about Peyton Manning. You think he should hang it up?

I think his team is about to get rid of him, and I can’t see him playing for somebody else. Maybe he will, but with a neck injury that severe, I myself wouldn’t risk it. I know some football players, and they tell me the neck and the back ain’t nothing to play with. Not only are you testing your ability to play, but you’re putting your livelihood and your ability to walk, function, and move on the line. God forbid that would happen to Peyton Manning. I personally don’t think it’s worth the risk. He loves the game and the doctor cleared him, but that many neck surgeries is no joke. The neck is not something you should have surgery on that much.

This was a rough season for him to be out with a bunch of his records getting broken, too.

Yeah, I’m sure he just wants to get in there and pass, pass, pass, pass. And then you had fuckin’ [Tim] Tebow in there winning, going 6-12 for fuckin’ 81 yards and still winning the game and shit. I know that had to be eating him up. He was probably like, "This kid is fucking my whole shit up. He’s stealing all the glory. Now he’s America’s hero. I was America’s hero. Now it’s Tebow throwing 80 yards a game."

But he won a ring and MVPs, so he ain’t got nothin’ to prove. Go ahead and leave the game. You brought a lot to the game, we respect you, you’re a Hall of Famer, just get out this bitch. You made your mark, you made your imprint, you’re the new Johnny Unitas. You have nothing to prove. You are one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. You are Top 5, you just don’t have all the hardware. You have one, but fuck it, most motherfuckers don’t get one. It’s like, man, with guys like Brady in the league with so many rings, and then you got guys like Ben Roethlisberger’s punk ass. Rapelisberger. I’m glad Tebow bounced his ass out the playoffs. Fuck the Steelers, man. Motherfucker looking like a 1920s mob boss with that hat on and shit.

The Bears need to let me be GM. Give me the position, and I’d do it for half the pay.


But when you got guys like that sitting on a couple rings, you know Peyton wants to get out there and get more. Peyton is the type of quarterback that could have won five Super Bowls with the right coach.

What’d you think of the Bears season and some of their offseason moves?  

Fuck Mike Martz [former Bears offensive coordinator who resigned in the offseason]. I mean, if [new Bears OC] Mike Tice is going to get the offense going, then I’m cool with it. They need to take Devin Hester out of the receivers and get a real fucking receiver in there. They need a main dude. They got Roy Williams, he alright, but Sam Hurd isn’t going to get the job done. We just need some more shit for our team. We need [Jay] Cutler and [Matt] Forte to stay healthy for the whole year. We got rid of [general manager] Jerry Angelo. Fuck him, he wasn’t getting anybody. The Bears need to let me be GM. Give me the position, and I’d do it for half the pay.

What would be your first move?

Well first, I’d have to go in there and review everything. I’d have to see where we stand in the draft, who we’re going to pick, shit like that. There are holes that need to be filled. I would definitely make a trade to get Cutler a bonafide receiver. Some free agent that’s coming up, maybe. I wanted Andre Johnson, his contract is about to run out, but I know the Texans are going to pay him. We need a guy like that. I wouldn’t mind trading up for a good receiver like [Justin] Blackmon coming out of Oklahoma State, but I doubt we’d get him. He’s probably going to be the first receiver taken. We just got to get a good receiver out of college, somebody that’s hungry and wants to get out there and get that ball.

What do you think of the halftime shows that they put up at the Super Bowls?

That shit is whack to me. There’s very little rap. It’s America, so nobody is in there that I want to see. When the Super Bowl halftime comes on, I usually go roll some weed or something. I haven’t watched that since Janet pulled her titty out. That was the last good one. After she pulled her titty out, it was over. I’m not going to say it’s racist, but it’s definitely biased. For her to be chastised like that, you know, Justin Timberlake was in there too, and he was the one that pulled it off. I just think it was a staple in American history.


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