Nostalgia is a funny thing. Not only do people have it for products they remember from their own childhoods, but somehow it seems to transcend generations — how else do you explain teenagers wearing Air Jordans from 20-plus years ago, or new Beatles and Stones fans?

The GT Performer 26" falls neatly into that latter category. Based on a bike that was introduced in 1985, the Performer 26" will no doubt appeal to 40-somethings looking to recapture a bit of their curb endo youth, but also younger types who may have seen Eddie Fiola in one of their dad's old magazines. Unlike the bike that inspired it, the Performer 26" is strictly for cruising — seeing that the frame is straight gauge hi-tensile steel, it certainly isn't a featherweight. And those low, low bars will make even wheelies a chore. But for right around $500, it's a cooler alternative to your average beach cruiser or entry-level city bike. And did we mention it only comes in chrome? Perfect.

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