Do athletes actually enjoy making lists involving Twitter fails? They must. Otherwise, how do you explain why they keep failing over and over and over again? The latest culprit: Highly-recruited high school football player Stefon Diggs, who took to his Twitter account earlier this week to unleash this gem on the world:

Really, Stefon? After seeing the kind of criticism that guys like Jason Whitlock have come under after tweeting about Jeremy Lin, you still decided to go that route? Poor decision. It's not quite as bad as one of your fellow high school football player's decisions on Twitter. But, still: You can't do stuff like this and not expect anyone to notice. Not to get all preachy on you, but as a top-10 college football recruit, it's simply not the kind of attention you want right now. Or, really, ever. Unless you really do want to make one of those Twitter fail lists.

[via Prep Rally]

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