It's a theme that rules both college football and basketball: Once you enter the Top 5, you're almost guaranteed to lose. It could be the intense pressure, it could be a testament to the sloppy play in college, or it could be the sports Gods continually giving fans balanced and exciting seasons. We don't know. Regardless, No. 2 Mizzou was the latest victim, falling in Stillwater, Oklahoma to the Cowboys 72-79. 

Although Le'Bryan Nash was the superstar of the game, scoring 27 points on 12 of 18 shooting, guard Markel Brown provided the most interesting story of the night. Down five with seven minutes remaining, Keiton Page floated a pass near the rim, where Brown took it into his right palm, rattled Gallagher-Iba Arena, and unnerved Matt Pressey. He was so psyched that he felt the need to bark at Pressey a bit, drawing a technical foul, his second of the night. By the books, two techs get you tossed. So, while he helped inject energy into the student-packed arena, he was not able to feel his school's embrace when the kids stormed the court following the upset. 

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